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Food Notes

KkanBu Chicken | KkanBu Plus | 깐부치킨 | 깐부플러스 | 옥수동

January 29, 2017

So the other day, Kaden and I were exercising (or more like just walking) and we happened to walk all the way to OkSuDong. Our friends live at the OkSu Remian apartments and we would go to the Twosome Place there sometimes to meet up with them or just to sit and have some coffee by ourselves.

Anyways, while walking towards the coffee shops we found Kkan Bu Plus. Which is an upgraded version of Kkan Bu Chicken.

They don’t have many outlets yet (I searched on and only 4 showed up, the OkSuDong location isn’t even registered yet).

BUT!!! They have great chicken and burgers!

So while on my eating spree during the holidays, we decided to call and see if they delivered to our house (and as you can see, they do) and ordered a chicken, a burger combo and a hot dog.

Compared to other chicken delivery places, Kkan Bu is a bit on the pricey side. A Crispy chicken (with sweet and hot sauce) is about 18000 won and the burger combo is about 10000 won.

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Food Notes

Chilli Paste Soup | 고추장 찌개

January 18, 2017

I haven’t been much of a cook here in Korea. Since our family is living at our in-law’s place, I really don’t cook. However, there are times that I do want to eat something that I made. Like today, I felt like having something I had made before but an upgraded version. My friend had told me earlier that if I make chilli paste soup, I should add some Korean preserved shrimp sauce instead of soy sauce for flavouring. So I tried it today.

I made the same soup that I usually would make, then added the shrimp sauce for flavouring (more like saltiness cause it’s usually just really bland).

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Food Notes

ROSE PASTA | 로제 파스타

January 16, 2017

Today, my parents came over from INCHEON and they stayed for dinner. I said that I was going to make pasta tonight so I think they stayed to eat dinner with us. I used the think pasta and the sauce was the usual tomato paste, ground beef, cheese (sliced cheese), a little bit of full cream, minced garlic, onions, white button mushrooms and a little bit of sweetener.

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Food Notes Seoul, South Korea

Cooking Class 2 | 요리교실 2

January 12, 2017

@cloudsunshine (Instagram)  (Naver Blog)

Today was my second time at the cooking class I went to last week. I was really eager to go and was curious of what we were going to be taught today.

The menu for today was Pork and Veggies in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Pickled Onion Salad, and Oyster Dduk Gook.

The scones were a bonus.

Before getting started, the teacher put the pre-made scone batter into the oven.

This is a glimpse of the table setting today.

Everything looks like it all popped out of a food magazine or something right?

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[KR] CHICAGO PIZZA | Deep dish pizza |시카고피자|피자맛집|이태원시카고피자

January 9, 2017

Yesterday, Kaden and I went to ITAEWON to have the famous “Original Chicago Pizza” A.K.A. Deep Dish Pizza.

Open 12:00 / Closed 23:00 / Last Order 22:00

서울특별시 용산구 이태원로27가길 37, 4층,5층,6층 TEL. 02-794-8120

The interior design of the 5th floor was… interesting.

Each table had a log on the table to place the pizza dish, once it was served.

Every table was separated by fence-like walls that were built up.

The menu was a bit worn out. I guess the “vintage” design and worn out paper was their concept(?) maybe.

Each log had their logo on it.

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Food Notes Seoul, South Korea

Cooking Class | 요리교실

January 6, 2017

I had the opportunity to go to a cooking class with my friend Danah. It was so much fun and useful! By “useful” I mean I learned so many things through this one class. I go again next week and I just can’t wait!

On this day, we made potato gratin, a creamy pasta with fish eggs and a spinach satay. For dessert we had hand dripped coffee and a strawberry filled whipped cream sandwich.

First the instructor taught us how to prepare the ingredients. Then she showed us and explained to us why she did what she did.

Then she assembled everything right in front of us so that we could see how it was all assembled together.

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[KR] 금호동 고깃집 | 돼지미학 | 금호동 맛집 돼지味學 | Keum Ho Dong | Korean BBQ

January 3, 2017

So about a week ago, Kaden and I went to this new place right near my in-laws place called DAE GI MI HAK.

It’s a Korean BBQ place that only sells pork meat. They do the dry aging process to the meat and the price for a two person dinner set was 28000 WON.

Pretty nice for two people. 28 bucks for a dinner meal? Hey, I’m up for that!

So when we went in it was on a Friday night so we had to wait a bit. There are only about 10 tables and they were all full.

Now, the cool thing about this place was that the burner and the table itself was like an induction system by itself.

They just placed the ceramic plate or dish that you cook the meat on, right on the table and that became the burner.

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