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Why I use cosRX Products Even Though I don’t have Acne Prone Skin

November 9, 2017

A while ago, my friend asked me why I use cosRX products even though I don’t have acne prone skin. I don’t have pimples but I do have dry skin that can easily break out. My skin doesn’t break out with a whole bunch of red dots on my face, but I do get little tiny rash-like little pimples and my face also goes super red. Especially my cheeks. If I don’t provide enough hydration to certain areas of my face, it’ll get really bumpy with lots and lots of little tiny bumps. Which looks super weird when you put foundation on. That’s why I chose cosRX products for my face.

The One Stip Moisture Up Pad brings so much moisture to my face that I don’t have to put anything else on, after it. It’s that moist. It gets absorbed very well and doesn’t feel like the moisture is just sitting on the surface of my skin but gets absorbed and spread out evenly throughout my whole face.

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My Notes Reviews&Ratings Seoul, South Korea

Studio Monique Hong Dae | 스튜디오 모니크 | 홍대 미용실 | 발레아쥬 | 옴브레 | Balayage Ombre

October 28, 2017

So…. I really needed a change. Not just mentally but literally, physically I needed a change. I wanted to get my hair done. I’ve been wanting to get it done for a while but things came up. I had stuff to take care of, we had a funeral to attend, etc etc family matters were our first priority so “getting the hair done” was the last thing to do on my list.

I wanted to get a bright blonde #balayage done but I knew that would have to take a couple of sessions, so I went for a bright ash tone.

I got my hair done at Studio Monique (designer MJ) in Hong Dae. MJ is literally the balayage and ombre expert in Korea. She worked in LA for about 4 years and came to Korea with her specialized skills.

Foil work in the process.

MJ was really precise and careful with her work.

Although she’s only been at Studio Monique for just about a year, it seems like she has a pretty solid list of clients who support and love her work.

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cosRX | Moisture Up Pad & Clear Pad

October 23, 2017

Boy oh boy, have I found the best product for my sensitive, dry and irritated skin!!!

I found this product on facebook. I was reading through a feed on this group that I joined and someone had mentioned what products to use for their acne and another person was suggesting this product. I wasn’t sure what this was at first so I looked it up. I was like… HUH?! at first, but then I wanted to try it and so I bought it online.

The red is to clean up your skin and the blue is to add moisture to your skin.

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사진찍는 아빠 | 왕십리 사진관 | Photo Studio Wang Ship Li | Dad who takes pictures

September 20, 2017

In Korea, SA JIN KWANs are known as Photo Studios. Studios where you can get your passport photos done or any other kind of photos.

사진찍는 아빠 (Dad Who Takes Pictures) is one of the Photo Studios that specializes in passport photos and family photos.

서울시 성동구 행당로 107

At HANG DANG (Line #5) station, use exit #2 and walk straight down the road.

After one block down the street, you’ll see 행당로 11길.

The studio is on your left-hand side, right after that sign.

You can’t miss it.

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Food Notes Reviews&Ratings

룽청 | 압구정동맛집 | 압구정중식 | 압구정중국집 | Korean-Chinese Cuisine Apgujeong

August 26, 2017

Ever heard of Korean-Chinese Cuisine?

Well, it’s also called Korean style Chinese food. Long ago, when Chinese immigrants came to Korea to settle down, they took Chinese cuisine to a new level by making it their own. They put the Korean style into Chinese cuisine and made it a new sensation in Korea.

Now, Korea has its own Chinese cuisine that is Chinese food, with some Korean flare.

Fried shrimp with cream sauce.

I don’t remember what this was in English but it was like a slightly spicy fried shrimp dimsum on top of sea cucumbers.

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Food Notes Reviews&Ratings

[KR] HONG DAE AMERICAN DELI | 홍대 수제버거 맛집 | 홍대 수제버거 | 홍대 데이트 맛집 | 홍대 스테이크 맛집 | Philly Cheese Steak

August 2, 2017

Today Julia and I went to the famous “AMERICAN DELI” in Hong Dae.

Chef OH is famous for winning the East Western Food Festival. He even won 3 times!!!!

He has also been on the Korean TV program DAL IN on SBS.

He is well known for creating hand made burgers that are created with fresh ingredients and with precise details in his recipes.

“AMERICAN DELI” is located in HONG DAE IP GU (Line #2).

If you exit #8, it can be found easier.

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Food Notes Reviews&Ratings

[KR] DEAR TABLE | 디어테이블 | JANG AN PYEONG Station Brunch Cafe

July 18, 2017

Today I got the chance to go to a REALLY SUPER NICE Brunch Cafe in JANG AN DONG.

From JANG AN PYEONG Station (Purple Line #5), use exit #3. Walk straight towards the road and you’ll see a bus tation.

From this station take bus number 2233 and get off 4 stops later in front of KYUNG NAM HOTEL.

Once you get off the bus, you’ll see CAFE BENE on your left. Walk towards Cafe Bene and make a right, towards Cafe Bene.

Walk straight to the end of the road and make a left. You’ll see this.

Walk about 50 steps and DEAR TABLE will be on your left.

TA DA~ The exterior is like any ordinary cafe & brunch restaurant. Very westernized. Just looking at this, made me miss home.

Felt like a restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

The entrance is in the middle and there are two balconies on each side. The doors are folding doors that I think are kept open during days that are cool.

That’s my mom walking in. She was so excited to eat here!

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Study Cafe | 스터디카페 | 타임카페타스 | Time Cafe TASS | 금호동 스터디 카페 | Seoul Study Cafe

July 16, 2017

Today I had the chance to go to a Time Cafe called TASS. It’s really close to our place, right near SHIN GEUM HO Station on the purple line #5.


서울시 성동구 금호로 151 , 02-774-1827

If you come out of the station through exit #3, make a left and walk towards Dunkin Donuts.

You’ll see this.

Walk up to the third floor and you’ll find the entrance to your left.

As soon as you walk in you see this room that can hold up to 6 people.

For the use of the two rooms that they have, you have to make an appointment beforehand.

This is what it looks like inside the room.

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VSP | 뷰에스피 | 2017 맥북프로 보호필름 | 맥북프로터치바 보호 필름 | 노트북 스크린 보호 필름 | 노트북 필름 | 터치바 필름 | MacBook Pro Protective Film | Screen Cover

July 7, 2017

So a few days ago, I was able to test out this protective clear film for my MacBook Pro.

It came like this with the product in the mail. The instructions were on the back and everything was really straight forward.

Everything was very straight forward and easy to apply.

First, you wipe your screen with the wet tissue and then with the dry tissue, then get rid of all the dust (even the really small ones with the sticker that is included, then peel off the STEP 1 film and place the screen protector on your Macbook screen. Place it nicely aligned and peel the STEP 1 strip off.

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