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VSP | 뷰에스피 | 2017 맥북프로 보호필름 | 맥북프로터치바 보호 필름 | 노트북 스크린 보호 필름 | 노트북 필름 | 터치바 필름 | MacBook Pro Protective Film | Screen Cover

July 7, 2017

So a few days ago, I was able to test out this protective clear film for my MacBook Pro.

It came like this with the product in the mail. The instructions were on the back and everything was really straight forward.

Everything was very straight forward and easy to apply.

First, you wipe your screen with the wet tissue and then with the dry tissue, then get rid of all the dust (even the really small ones with the sticker that is included, then peel off the STEP 1 film and place the screen protector on your Macbook screen. Place it nicely aligned and peel the STEP 1 strip off.

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Shaved Ice Machine

July 3, 2017

So recently I’ve been totally addicted to the snow shaved ice AKA 눈꽃빙수 in Korea. I wasn’t this addicted even when I lived in Singapore. You’d think that I would be, living in such a hot country, but I wasn’t. Here in Korea, I got addicted even when it wasn’t even hot. I think it was last winter that I went to 설빙 and I just totally got hooked. I got hooked to the Strawberry Bingsoo back then but right now, I’m so addicted to 팥빙수. The one with red beans.

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The Baby stuff I use

June 15, 2017

One of the difficult things about raising a child (other than being sleep deprived for the first year and mentally going crazy) is picking which item to use for your precious little one. It was hard for me when I had Josh because I was in Korea, I had no idea what to buy, no idea what I needed and didn’t have a friend to ask. So I had to my own research and find out on my own.

With Tyler being born, I knew exactly what worked, what I needed and how much of the items I needed to buy.

So I decided to do a post on these “BABY STUFF” that worked for me and my children.

This may not work for you and your child but it’s a list that I’d like to share for all moms.


I use the forehead thermometer from BRAUN and the in ear one from the inexpensive PORORO brand. BRAUN thermometers are really expensive. I got this one in Singapore for about 80 dollars.

However, I like to have at least two in the house so that I have a second opinion. Sometimes the temperature comes out weird and I have to measure it four or five times. For those times, I keep an extra thermometer so that I know exactly what range I’m looking at.

The Pororo brand from Korea is around then bucks and works as an ear thermometer and a forehead thermometer. It works great!

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A TWOSOME PLACE COLD BREW | 투썸플래이스 콜드브루 원액

April 5, 2017

I seriously have NO idea why they named this coffee shop ” A Twosome Place”. Is it just me that thinks this name is weird???

When I first mentioned this to Kaden, Kaden said to me that this coffee shop was a pretty famous place. I was like, “WHAT?!”.

But now, I’m used to it. It’s still weird to me. But I’m used to the fact that it’s a weird name and it’s a bit less weird if you say it shortened in the Korean way that everyone in Korea says it. Everyone just calls it Twosome. As in 투썸. Which does seem a bit better cause the word twosome does mean a pair or a pair of people together. I just think putting “A” and “Place” before and after is a bit awkward. It’s like saying it’s “a pair of people place”. I don’t know, maybe I’m just really weird.

Anyways, when I first went to Twosome, I fell in love with their cakes. Their cakes were not too sweet but soooooo delicious that every time Kaden and I would go to this “place’ for coffee, I would order a slice of cake no matter how full I was. I would try a different slice every time I went and would want more. It was like one slice was never enough. Then I fell in love with their Royal Milk Tea. It was the best milk tea I had tried (hot or iced it didn’t matter) and a slice of cake with a cup of milk tea would just be the best treat for me.

I was a “Starbucks Girl” if you know what I mean. I would always drink Starbucks coffee when I was out and nothing else. Well, if I was in Canada then I would either have Starbucks or Tim Hortons. When I first came to Korea, there wasn’t a Starbucks near my place. There was only “A Twosome Place” and a local small coffee shop that a lady ran by herself. So I really didn’t have a choice on my way to work. Then after I moved in with Kaden, I went back to Starbucks. It was like I had returned home.

Now, it’s back to Twosome. There isn’t a Starbucks near my in-law’s place, but there is a Twosome. Recently, when Kaden and I went to have some coffee. We found out that they had a new menu called the Cold Brew coffee. It was the best black coffee we had tried in a while.

So when we heard that they sold the extract of the cold brew coffee for 14000 won KRW, we bought a bottle and brought it home.

This bottle of the coffee extract is good for 6 months in the fridge and is easy to make. Mix the ratio at 1:4, the extract 1 and water 4.

I love the flavor of this coffee so much that I want to drink two cups a day. I try and hold back, though. If you’ve tried this already, you probably already know that there’s a hint of chocolate flavor in this coffee. I love that. It’s not the sweet chocolate taste but the scent of cocoa. The coffee itself is very bold but very smooth and is really easy to drink. Very rich in flavor but not too strong and bitter.

This cold brew coffee from Twosome is right now, currently, my favorite coffee and I wish I could send some to Canada for my friends to try.


Euky Bearub | Chest Rub | Baby Cold Rub | 유키베어럽 | 바르는감기약 | 베어럽 | 호주 천연 감기 크림

March 29, 2017

For the past couple of weeks, the whole family has been going through ups and downs with a cold. Either one would get it and one would come out of a cold but the cycle would repeat, over and over again. Right now Andrea has had a runny nose for a couple of weeks and Josh would be on and off. Kaden has already been sick for about a week and I have a runny nose now too.

While talking to my friend Julia, I told her about Vick’s Vapo Rub and how it doesn’t seem to be working for our family. It used to work really well for us back when we were in Singapore. But I don’t know if it’s the weather here in Seoul or the haze but, it just doesn’t work. Then Julia mentioned Euky Bearub.

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SANLIZZ HAIR | Shin Keum Ho Station Hair Salon | 산리쯔헤어 신금호점

February 9, 2017

Josh and I went and got our hair done today. We both got haircuts done at the same place but different times of the day.

Hair designer ARA is our hair stylist and she’s really good at what she does.

SANLIZZ Hair is located at Shin Keum Ho Station (line number 5) and is open from Monday – Sunday 10:30 am to 9 pm.

서울특별시 성동구 무수막길 93


Josh getting his hair done and not crying. For children’s haircuts they charge 10000 won (approximately $10 dollars) and for women’s haircuts they charge 18000 won (approximately $18 dollars).

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Care Sens N | Blood Glucose Monitor | 혈당측정기 | 케어센스N

February 3, 2017

Ever since I started to measure my blood glucose levels at home, I used the Care Sens N Voice monitor that the clinic gave me (or more like I rented from them). I found a deal on for this Care Sens N monitor for 19900 won KRW.

It came with the monitor, 10 needles, and 10 strips.

I found that most monitors are around the 50000 won – 70000 won range and between the 30000 won – 40000 won range for less expensive ones. They all seem to work pretty much in the same way. You poke the finger tip with the needle/pencil (I call it a pencil) and place your finger at the tip of the testing strip. The strip will literally suck your blood into the testing area of the strip to test your blood glucose level. It only takes about 5 seconds for the results.


LG Puri Care Air Purifier

January 29, 2017

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning the house and wanted to clean the air purifier that our in-laws were using. I noticed that it was a bit dirty on the outside so I decided to take it apart, clean it and change the filters. I found out that we didn’t have any filters left for it and that the machine itself, AKA, the inside area where the air passes to come out was so dirty that there had been mold build up on the machine itself. I called the AS center and they said that the machine itself wasn’t made for cleaning on the inside (the area that I was describing to them) and that it would just be safer for us to get a new air purifier.

We used SHARP’s air purifier for over 7 years and I think it was time to go.

Kaden said that LG’s PuriCare had good ratings and that we could get a good deal on it if we bought it through Kaden’s work/affiliates site.

So we looked through the ratings, carefully read through the feedback that people wrote and decided to the LG PuriCare.

It arrived in the box 2 days later. It’s amazing how fast the Korean delivery system is.

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