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Eating while pregnant or breastfeeding

August 8, 2017

One of the things I craved while I was pregnant (the three times I was pregnant) was burgers and fries. However, living with my in laws during the last pregnancy, it wasn’t easy getting a burger down or even getting close to a burger. My in laws are Korean and they suggested I eat home made food and also made sure I got enough rice on my plate.

However, since I grew up in North America and since I always have a specifically preferred dish in my mind (I literally plan out what I want to eat for my next meal while eating) it was hard spending the two trimesters in Korea.

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Pregnancy Notes

37 Weeks 6 Days

April 21, 2017

Okay, so seriously. This baby is literally 3.3 kgs right now and has no sign of coming out into this world. AT ALL.

I have been walking like a crazy prego lady on steroids and doing my cleaning, doing my squats etc etc. Nothing seems to work. I get back pain and a little bit of lower abdominal pain during the night but other than that, I FEEL NOTHING.

Why am I so eager and in a rush for this baby to come out?

Kaden goes on a business trip next Monday and comes back the following Sunday.

I feel like Kaden is going to miss the birth of Tyler and I am afraid I’m going to have to do everything by myself. Which I really don’t want to.

I  did everything on my own with Josh because Kaden was in Singapore at the time. I also did everything on my own (except for the one week that Kaden spent with us) with Andrea and now it seems like I have to do the same thing AGAIN with Tyler. Uh. Makes me mad.

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36 Weeks 6 days

April 14, 2017

My D-line picture for week 36.

I have not been sleeping well. Eating and going to the bathroom has been just okay. Nothing seems to be EASY. I have trouble sleeping, walking, sitting down and getting up. My belly is bigger than it was when I had Andrea at 36 weeks. I have more stretch marks than ever before and my mentality is just… Well.. Let’s just say I’m barely holding on.

I hope we get to meet our baby #3 this week or next week because I am just one physically challenged pregnant lady!!!

I have been swelling up in the legs a bit during the last couple of days. My fingers feel weird when I fold them and stretch them. I have kankles!!!!!

I don’t actually have everything ready, for the baby but in Korea, there’s a great site called coupang and their rocket delivery is “next day” delivery. So… I think I don’t have much to worry about!

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35 weeks

April 3, 2017

35 weeks.

Wow. Already. I’m almost at the finish line and it feels like time flew by in a flash. To be honest. It felt like FOREVER!!!! We took the crib out from the box last weekend and put it together. Actually, Kaden put it together. My belly is the size of a big beach ball and I feel like it could be any day now. I want it to be any day now. I have trouble sleeping, I have trouble walking, and I have trouble eating. I guess the only “no trouble” part is peeing and pooping.

I have my last two weeks checkup on the 11th of this month, then from that time on, it’ll be a weekly checkup. The baby is playing well in my tummy and I feel like it’s big enough to meet the world. Oh, how I wish I could just meet our little on this week.

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Week 28 +6days (3D Ultrasound 입체초음파)

February 17, 2017

세상 많이 좋아졌다. 배속에 아기의 얼굴을 이렇게 초음파로 볼 수 있다니. 정말 신기하다.

Technology these days. It’s amazing how you can see the face of your baby that’s still inside your belly! How amazing, and kind of scary at the same time! Imagine what technology could do in about ten years time from now. Sometimes stuff like this scares me cause I’m afraid that what we see in the movies sometimes really might come true. Robots taking over, humans being threatened by such advanced AI, etc etc. I know I may be overreacting and that I’ve watched too many movies but you never know. You really NEVER KNOW.

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Food Notes Pregnancy Notes

Diabetes Menu | 당뇨식단 | 임당식단

February 5, 2017

So I’ve been trying really hard to stay on this “diabetic diet”. Making sure I don’t take in too much sugar, white rice, and white flour. I’ve also been trying really hard to make sure I exercise and walk for at least 45 minutes. I looked up different diabetic recipe websites to get ideas for my diet and tried to stick to my own meal plan during the past week. It’s been really hard, to be honest. Trying not to eat just whatever is around and making sure I get enough nutrients in every meal is harder than I thought. However, there were plenty of websites and books that I was able to find to get me started.

The first recipe I tried out was steak with grilled veggies.

I first made the sauce.

In a saucepan or a frying pan, caramelize slices of 1/4 of an onion in butter. When then onion starts to turn brown, add 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, 1/2 tablespoon of honey or Splenda and 4 tablespoons of water. Bring to a boil and add 2/3 tablespoons of butter. Mix well turn the heat off.

The steak, just sprinkle some salt and leave aside.

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Care Sens N | Blood Glucose Monitor | 혈당측정기 | 케어센스N

February 3, 2017

Ever since I started to measure my blood glucose levels at home, I used the Care Sens N Voice monitor that the clinic gave me (or more like I rented from them). I found a deal on for this Care Sens N monitor for 19900 won KRW.

It came with the monitor, 10 needles, and 10 strips.

I found that most monitors are around the 50000 won – 70000 won range and between the 30000 won – 40000 won range for less expensive ones. They all seem to work pretty much in the same way. You poke the finger tip with the needle/pencil (I call it a pencil) and place your finger at the tip of the testing strip. The strip will literally suck your blood into the testing area of the strip to test your blood glucose level. It only takes about 5 seconds for the results.

Pregnancy Notes

Creating Milestone Cards

February 2, 2017

Right now, with my mother in law helping me with the kids, I have some time on my hands when the kid’s nap.

They seem to like taking a nap together so they both sleep at the same time for about two to three hours.

During that time, I used to take a nap with them but now I try and keep myself busy with things that I won’t have time to do once baby #3 arrives.

I was looking at a couple of websites the other day and found that a lot of people are using milestone cards with their babies.

I went did some research and decided to make my own instead of purchasing them. I started playing around with the layout in Illustrator and decided to make just a couple of the ones I wanted to use with baby#3.

There are so many different cards and ideas out there but I wanted to make my own and play around with the designs so that I could take pictures once the baby arrives with the exact card design that I like. I’m only at stage 1 of brainstorming and trying out different designs. I started with grayscale designs and will now move on to color. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come up with something nice to share with everyone.

Pregnancy Notes

Gestational Diabetes Diet | 임신당뇨 식단

February 1, 2017

Ever since my gestational diabetes was confirmed, I’ve been trying to eat a healthy diet and keep track of my blood glucose tolerance levels.

Trying to eat on a schedule and making sure I’m not eating too much at a time, making sure I’m getting enough of everything and checking time to make sure I keep track of my tests is a hard job. However, I’ve gotten used to the schedule and looking at the clock that it’s become a part of my daily routine already.

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Week 26 + 2 days Keeping Track

January 31, 2017

Over the Korean New Years Holidays, I kind of “let go” of all record keeping and just ate whatever I felt like eating.

This didn’t cause my numbers to sky rocket or anything but it did make me feel a bit guilty.

When I got back from a family gathering at my aunt’s house yesterday, I decided to make a chart and keep track of all my numbers. I don’t have to check every day but it just felt like it needed to be done. If I could keep track at least every other day, then I would be able to look at the numbers, all in one place, and make sure I don’t go over the safety range.

I created a Numbers document and created a sheet with the date, what I ate and the glucose levels that I would take 1 hour after and if, high, 2 hours after a meal. I also put in a column for my daily exercise levels and how many minutes I walk per day.

Hopefully, now that I have this going I can keep track and make sure I don’t go overboard with what I eat and not be lazy with my exercising.