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Pregnancy Notes

Pregnancy Notes

Week 24 (Glucose Exam)

January 15, 2017

Height: 24 weeks

Thigh Bone length: 24 weeks

Belly Radius: 24 weeks

Ever since last week, I’ve had so many meet ups that considered “eating”. Even my last cooking class was last week. I guess I should have planned out my diet a bit better cause I didn’t pass the first glucose exam and now have to go in again this Friday for a full, second exam.

In Canada, they usually do a full exam the first time. Meaning, you drink the full 100ml syrup and stay at the lab for about three hours for your blood to taken every hour for the glucose exam. However, in Korea, they do a 50ml drink the first time and if you don’t pass that one, then they do the full 100ml syrup. I think I had an empty stomach for too long of time before going in for the exam.

Anyways, other than the yucky glucose exam (that literally makes you feel sick to the stomach for a couple of days), it seems like our baby is doing really well and growing with a strong healthy heartbeat.

We still haven’t decided on a name yet. Well, we did decide on a name, then Kaden changed his mind and we changed the name but then he said that he wanted to go back to the name we had originally decided on.

It’s so hard to choose a name for your child. We had trouble with Josh when we had him, Andrea, on the other hand, it wasn’t as hard cause I knew I wanted to name our baby Andrea if it was a girl. We have an English name, it’s just that we don’t have a Korean name. Uh. So hard!!!!

Everything is well and we are all doing well as a family too. The kids now REALLY know that there is another baby in mommy’s tummy and that it will be coming to see them in about four months.

I just hope I pass this final glucose exam (fingers crossed).

Pregnancy Notes

Week 21

December 29, 2016

Physical changes: 

Stretch marks have increased significantly. I think most of my stretch marks were along my waist line, pretty low but now, they are all over my tummy. I feel like the oil I’m using isn’t working at all or my skin is just prone to stretch marks. Hahahahhaa

I have gained about 2kgs since about a month ago. I am trying really REALLY hard to not gain so much weight. I gained about 13kgs in total when I had Josh and about 24kgs in total when I had Andrea. My pregnancy with Josh was a lot more active and healthy with Josh than Andrea. I think with Andrea I was just too lazy and too addicted to the Costco soft serve ice cream (I literally had at least one every three days).


I’ve been eating a really healthy diet thanks to my mother-in-law. She’s been doing most of the cooking (cause I’m staying at her house) and her meals are all Korean but are really healthy and full of fresh veggies. I do crave stuff from back home (Vancouver BC) but they are things I can eat here too. This “Downtowner” burger is one of the things I crave often.

Images provided by:

Another craving is strawberries with whipped cream. I am literally eating this RIGHT NOW as I’m typing. I crave it every day. I also crave BBQ baby back ribs.I also crave my mum’s cooking. She makes the best Westernized Korean dishes. I think my brother misses her cooking more than me but right now I’m going to say I do more.

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Pregnancy Notes

Week 20

December 18, 2016

Last Friday, I had my week 20 Ultra Sound. In Korea, they do a very detailed on around weeks 20 – 24.

Checking every part of the baby and making sure the fetus is growing well.

I had the chance to see every little part of our little sweetie pie.

Overall the baby is really healthy and growing well.

My morning sickness went away around week 17 ish.

It kind of came back around week 19 for a few days and then it went away again.

I can eat anything but nothing raw (like every pregnant woman). I’m still a bit more on the Western food than the Korean food.

Sometimes it’s hard to digest rice so I just have a quick salad. Then have a snack afterward.

Usually, I like to have a fruit bowl or cooked sweet potatoes for my snacks.

I can now sit in front of the Macbook and browse the internet for more than ten minutes LOL.

I can also play with the kids without my back and sacrum feeling like it’s going to break.

Pregnancy Notes

Week 8

September 26, 2016


Week 8

입덧의 피크 지점을 향해 달려가고있는 나. 아직도 신랑은 애가 셋이라는게 믿어지지 않는다며 실감이 안난다고 한다. 나도 뭐 그닥 실감이 나는건 아니지만 입덧은 나의 현실이다.

I haven’t been really able to keep food down. Especially fluids. Water is the most difficult. I have lost an extra 2kgs since week 6. I really haven’t been craving anything and I have not been able to sleep properly for the past week or so.

I still feel the weird cramping like pain in my lower belly. No matter what position I sit in, it feels like there’s pressure. I have had lower back pain when I sleep for the past two weeks and my arms feels like they are going to fall off. Thats how much they hurt.

I have stopped taking folic acid because it seems like it makes me more sick to the stomach when I take it. I still drink one cup of coffee a day if I have a headache.

I gag and throw up every single time I brush my teeth and if I smell something that is slightly off, like Andrea’s #2 diaper, I have to rush to the bathroom.

Hopefully this will all just get better after week 9. Crossing fingers so that morning sickness will only last until week 9 this time.

Pregnancy Notes

Due date?

September 9, 2016


So I found this really cool calculator on 

It calculates your pregnancy week and your due date.

You enter the date you started your last menstrual period and today’s date, and it calculates it for you! Cool eh?

So my due date apparently is May 6th 2017.

Hopefully I can deliver on the last week of April if possible. hahahahaha what am I saying?!?!?!

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Finding a Maternity Clinic in Singapore

September 5, 2016

So…!!! It’s been just a couple of days since we found out we are having another child. What a great blessing. I always wanted to have three kids and God has blessed us with three!!!!

I haven’t started my morning sickness yet (fingers crossed that it won’t be as bad as the last two pregnancies) and I also hadn’t decided on which clinic to go to. But then I remembered when I had Andrea. I had searched and searched on google for a good doctor and I couldn’t find any reviews or doctors that attracted me (I don’t mean attracted me with looks or anything I was simply just reading reviews of doctors so don’t take it the wrong way).


Then I remembered going through a list of reviews on the Korean cafe community Mom’sHolic on I stumbled across one mother-to-be’s review about a female doctor that made sure she felt comfortable and relaxed through her full 9 months. She ended up giving birth in Korea due to personal reasons but she said that Dr Wendy had helped her feel great through her first pregnancy.

At that time Dr Wendy was at Ang Mo Kio’s AMK as Thomson Medical Women’s Clinic. I went to her for my first Ultra Sound and confirmation of pregnancy screening. I remember her being super down to earth, very calm and soft spoken. But very on the dot and good with explaining details I couldn’t remember of my first pregnancy.  So I decided to go to her again!


Contact Info 
Dr Wendy Teo Shun Hui  
Mt Elizabeth Hospital Novena
38 Irrawaddy Road,
Singapore 329563
Telephone : 6250 1685
HP : 9118 9636 (Office Hours)
Email :
Clinic Hours
Mon – Fri : 9:00am – 12:30pm
  : 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Sat : 9:00am – 12:30pm
Sun & Ph : Closed

I haven’t called to make my appointment yet but if you’re in Singapore and you’re looking for a maternity or women’s clinic I suggest you check her out!