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New Swimming Pool

August 17, 2016

Our sea horse pool was ruined the other day because of a couple of lizards… They poked holes into our pool with their claws and I had no idea. Until this morning. So while Josh was at kindergarten, Andrea and I went to Toys R Us and bout this pool for $13 SGD.



Josh said he likes this one better than the other one. I guess the roof on the other one was uncomfortable for him.


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Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

Friday, hair cut

August 12, 2016

Lately, the kids have been totally hooked on this DUTCH LADY chocolate milk. It’s individually packed so they drink it up like it’s a small piece of candy or something. They finished 8 packs in 2 days.


Josh and Andrea love it more because of the Disney’s Frozen characters that are on it. I guess the packaging really does matter to kids.


Josh has been in this “I’m not going to eat proper food but just junk food” kind of state for the past few days. I was finally able to crack him out of it with some rib eye steak today. But as you can see in this picture. He’s eating fruit loops and half an apple.

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Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

Playground Date

August 10, 2016


Yesterday while shopping with dad, the kids wanted to play at a playground. This whole “I want to play at the playground” ordeal started when we went into Paragon Shopping Centre. Josh now knows that there is a small play area in that particular shopping mall so every time we walk into it he says “and what about the playground?”.


So Kaden and I promised him that we would go to the playground today instead of the indoor play area yesterday. It was a really hot day but promises are made to keep right? We headed out around 9:45am and came home around 11:50am.


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Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

iPhone Backup

August 10, 2016


요즘우리는 정말 즐겁게 지내는것 같다. 이제 어느정도 싱가폴 생활에도 적응이 됐고, 정도 많이 든것 같다.


엄마랑 외출하기전에 셀카 타임!

외출하면서 죠쉬가 엄마 다리 이상해!! 라고 해서 찍은 다리 사진… 아 정말 많이 이상한가? 나도 내 다리가 맘에 안든다만.. 뭐 어쩌겠니 ㅋ


유치원을 가는 흔한 풍경


오빠를 모시러 가는 동생과 엄마. 그리고 동생의 똥머리. 완전 이쁨요!!!


심심하면 “치즈~~~” 처음에는 치즈를 달라는건줄 알고 몸시 당황했던 ㅋㅋㅋ




엄마가 몇일연속 생리통으로 인해 누워만 있었어서 우리 #캐코남매 는 아주 매우 지루한 일상을 보내다가 엄마가 한몸바쳐 버스를 태워준날.


버스를 타고 가다가 아빠를 봤는데, 아빠가 손을 안흔들어 줬다고 (아빠는 일하는 중이였음) 버스에서 아주 매우 서럽게 우는 바람에 집이 아닌 맥도날드로. 아이스크림 한컵 먹고 기침하며 집으로 귀가.


셀카모드는 그녀를 아주 매우 웃기게 만들지요


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Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

KBK National Day Celebration

August 8, 2016

Today, Josh’s kindergarten had a National Day Celebration event at the school. We were to bring finger foods to the school to share so I made Pretzel covered chicken fingers that ”Giada at Home” made on the FoodNetwork. 

I had to wake up super early to make this but it was well worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!





Although waking up at 6am and making this was soooo tiring, it was good to see everyone enjoy what I cooked.

After getting the chicken fingers prepared and packed, I had to get ready and then get the kids ready.

Andrea was super excited that she was going to kindergarten too. She wanted to wear her backpack and go with Josh.




And because she was going too (with her backpack) she walked all the way there too, just like her OPPA.


When we got to the kindergarten, people were already seated and the kids were going to their classrooms to put their bags away. We got there a bit late so I had to take Josh straight to his classroom.

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Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

Our Thursday

August 4, 2016


Our mornings are pretty busy. I wake up at 6:30am to pack Kaden’s lunch. The kids get up around then most of the time too. Today was no different than any other day. We all got up. Kaden went to work. The kids and I had breakfast. Then Josh went to kindergarten. Andrea and I came home. I cleaned the house (I can usually clean and do the laundry within half an hour). Andrea and I played with some crayons and drew pictures (more like doodles). Then we took a shower. I cleaned the blankets (with our Dyson) and sheets, then placed them back onto the mattresses.


Cleaned the living room playmat and ALL of the little bunny rabbits that we have.. I think we have about 5? 6?


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Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Home

August 4, 2016


Hydrogen Peroxide is usually used in the house to disinfect a cut or a wound. Most people have it in their first aid kits or in the medicine cabinet. However, did you know that you can use this clear magic water in different ways in the house. Here just a few!

  1. Whiten your whites more with hydrogen peroxide in your laundry. Put your white laundry in water. Especially the ones that have turned a bit yellow. Soak it with about 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide for half an hour, then run it through the washing machine for a really WHITE wash!
  2. Clean your refrigerator and oven! Spray hydrogen peroxide in your fridge or oven, leave for about 6-7 minutes and then wipe with a clean cloth to get rid of the food stains. Its also great to clean your counter tops with too!
  3. Clean your bathroom! Spray hydrogen peroxide on your tub or shower booth and leave for 25-30 minutes before scrubbing the tub and shower booth! Rinse with warm water for a cleaner and shinny finish!
  4. Whiten your nails. Soak your finger nails and toenails in hydrogen peroxide to naturally whiten them. Soak for about 15-20 minutes every night to get whiter nails! You can also whiten your teeth by mixing hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and using it every night as your tooth paste!
  5. Prevent Acne from getting worse or prevent it at all! Wipe your face with hydrogen peroxide every night after washing your face and before putting on your basic skin care line to prevent acne. It will make your skin calm down as well from being the sun!

Resources and more information can be found on the following sites:

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51 Extraordinary Everyday Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide