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Chilli Paste Soup | 고추장 찌개

January 18, 2017

I haven’t been much of a cook here in Korea. Since our family is living at our in-law’s place, I really don’t cook. However, there are times that I do want to eat something that I made. Like today, I felt like having something I had made before but an upgraded version. My friend had told me earlier that if I make chilli paste soup, I should add some Korean preserved shrimp sauce instead of soy sauce for flavouring. So I tried it today.

I made the same soup that I usually would make, then added the shrimp sauce for flavouring (more like saltiness cause it’s usually just really bland).

It actually made the soup a lot more rich and bold in taste! But the downside was that the soup did smell like shrimp (you know the smell when you wash fresh shrimp) so I had to add twice as more minced garlic than before. That made it better.

I didn’t need any other side dishes to eat with this. I just had my multigrain rice and the soup and that was purely satisfying.

Thanks Julia for the tip!!!


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