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COEX Aquarium | 코엑스 아쿠아리움 | 코엑스 수족관

January 14, 2017

Today we went to COEX (again) and the kids were able to enjoy their time with the fish and other animals with dad.

Josh even tried the doctor fish. He said it tickled and that it felt really weird.

Andrea seemed to be really sleepy half way through so Kaden had to carry her most of the time.

Josh said he started to get hungry. So we bought him a snack at the store inside the aquarium.

Andrea and the rabbits.

Josh with the prairie dogs.

Kaden came home around 3am yesterday and so he didn’t sleep last night. Well maybe 5 hours? Anyways he was really tired too. But he was in charge of following the kids around and taking care of them.

Josh even touched the starfish and other “touchable” fish that were there.

It seems like they had a good time but for us adults, the LOTTE Aquarium was better. It has better walkways and it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids there.

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