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Cooking Class | 요리교실

January 6, 2017

I had the opportunity to go to a cooking class with my friend Danah. It was so much fun and useful! By “useful” I mean I learned so many things through this one class. I go again next week and I just can’t wait!

On this day, we made potato gratin, a creamy pasta with fish eggs and a spinach satay. For dessert we had hand dripped coffee and a strawberry filled whipped cream sandwich.

First the instructor taught us how to prepare the ingredients. Then she showed us and explained to us why she did what she did.

Then she assembled everything right in front of us so that we could see how it was all assembled together.

Then she showed us how to “plate” the dishes.

Everything went so well together. The menu items and the individual ingredients that went into the dishes somehow all went along very well together. Nothing was too much or a bit less in any way. Everything created a good flow when eating together.

The coffee and the strawberry dessert also went very well together. The whipped cream wasn’t too sweet and the bread. Oh my gosh the bread!!! It was sooooo gooood!!!!

I can’t wait to go again!!!


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