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Cooking Class 2 | 요리교실 2

January 12, 2017

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Today was my second time at the cooking class I went to last week. I was really eager to go and was curious of what we were going to be taught today.

The menu for today was Pork and Veggies in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Pickled Onion Salad, and Oyster Dduk Gook.

The scones were a bonus.

Before getting started, the teacher put the pre-made scone batter into the oven.

This is a glimpse of the table setting today.

Everything looks like it all popped out of a food magazine or something right?

The veggies even look so elegant.

This is the pickled onion salad that included chopped cucumber and Dioscorea opposita (which is like Chinese Yam –  I had to look this up in the dictionary cause I didn’t know the exact name for this veggie). As you can see in the picture the red onion has been pickled and this also included regular yellow onions that were thinly sliced and pickled.

Before the class began the teacher also marinated the pork meat.

Chopped into bite size pieces, the meat was marinated and placed aside while the other items were being made.

Even just a red pepper on the chopping board looks good.

While everything else was put aside, the teacher chopped the veggies to go into the pork dish.

Starch was added to the pork before being put into the frying pan.

Once the pork was all cooked, everything was assembled on the frying pan and cooked with the sauce.

Doesn’t this look delicious? Oh my was this good. It was like the Chinese sweet and sour pork but more on the Korean side than the American-Chinese version.

Then the Oyster Dduk Gook was put on the stove.

Because all of the menu items today were also easy to make, everything was done in an instant!

Doesn’t this look yummy?

Just like last week, everything went very well together. The salad balanced out the sweetness of the pork dish and also gave a very light pinch to the rich dduk gook.

Remember the scones that were placed in the oven? Well they actually came out a bit earlier and we started eating them before any of the other dishes were done.

I have my glucose blood test tomorrow so I have to cut down on bread and white rice until tonight. However, keeping my hands off these babies was so hard!!!!

It was a great two weeks of learning different dishes and getting a chance to taste typical Korean dishes with a twist. I kind of wish I could go more often but I’m afraid I’ll gain like 10 kgs if I do. LOL

Hope everyone enjoys their dinner tonight! Hope I didn’t spoil your dinner menus by posting this!

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