Creating a Toy Box with diaper boxes

March 27, 2015


One of the things that always just “hangs” around at our house are diaper boxes.

Because we buy diapers… there’s always a bunch of them.

I recently bought a toy storage/organizer shelf thing from IKEA and even though it has 6 storage compartments I still needed more. Josh 가 장난감이 정말 많긴해요…ㅡㅡ;;; 아 놔 이제 장난감 그만 사야지 하면 누가 장난감을 막 줘..

Anyways. Today I took two of the boxes and created a toy box with some brown paper and tape.

I used the brown paper to wrap stuff in that they sell at the dollar store.

And I used one of these boxes


First I wrapped the outside.

L-1470304 L-1470305

Then taped it (just like how you would wrap a Christmas present!

Then taped the bottom.



Then taped the top leftover parts of the paper onto the inside of the box.


This part is a bit tricky cause the paper sometimes folds in a weird way.

You just have to pull the paper so that it’s flat on the box and the tape it.



Then I used fabric tape to give it a little bit of life~


On the side where the paper folding/tapping is, I put the fabric tape on it to cover the line and make it a bit PERRRRRTTTY


L-1470316 L-1470317

And there we have it! Another box to put ANOTHER set of train sets into.


We have so many train sets its not even funny.

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