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Creating Milestone Cards

February 2, 2017

Right now, with my mother in law helping me with the kids, I have some time on my hands when the kid’s nap.

They seem to like taking a nap together so they both sleep at the same time for about two to three hours.

During that time, I used to take a nap with them but now I try and keep myself busy with things that I won’t have time to do once baby #3 arrives.

I was looking at a couple of websites the other day and found that a lot of people are using milestone cards with their babies.

I went did some research and decided to make my own instead of purchasing them. I started playing around with the layout in Illustrator and decided to make just a couple of the ones I wanted to use with baby#3.

There are so many different cards and ideas out there but I wanted to make my own and play around with the designs so that I could take pictures once the baby arrives with the exact card design that I like. I’m only at stage 1 of brainstorming and trying out different designs. I started with grayscale designs and will now move on to color. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come up with something nice to share with everyone.

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