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September 8, 2016


Andrea has started potty training. She doesn’t like the small potty that you can buy at toy stores and baby stores so we just got her to sit on the toilet with the seater. She likes this more and so we started. She still goes on the diaper and then after she’s done, she’ll say she wants to go the washroom. Big improvement from not even wanting to sit on the toilet to letting me know she wants to go!


Josh and Andrea are both sick right now. I am slowly starting to get the morning sickness vibe going and so we’re just at home most of the time. Playing with our toys (reading books for me and toys for them).



Sometimes Josh will get really really bored and that’s when the iPad comes in handy.





Andrea has been loving the big trucks lately. I guess she’s finding her toys boring and her brother’s toys fascinating. Tomorrow is Friday!!!!! Hopefully, I can go somewhere with the kids tomorrow.

Morning sickness hasn’t been super bad compared to when I had Andrea. However, I do feel a bit nauseous in the morning and when I haven’t eaten for more than 3 hours. I have to have a cracker or bread every 3 hours. After a meal, I get really sleepy and in the afternoon it starts to get worse. It’s not too bad right now so I’m hoping I can start to take the kids somewhere tomorrow or on the weekend with Kaden.

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