Yishun, Singapore

December 15th 2012, Singapore

December 15, 2012

I remember this day. We went to have chili crab at JUMBO.

P1060103 P1060105 P1060109

Now that I look at these photos… Josh was 6 months old. Andrea is 6 moths right now and she looks so much like him! hahahaha yes~ brother and sister~ they look alike~

P1060112 P1060113 P1060121 P1060136 P1060139

Josh had his meal before we had ours~


Mother in law loves to take care of him and feed him and hold him and etc etc

(Not being sarcastic here. SERIOUSLY)



P1060154 P1060161 P1060165

I was the only one who LIKED cilantro at our table so all of that cilantro was MINE!!!

This mango pudding was DELISH!!!P1060168

After our meal. We went for a walk.

P1060175 P1060181 P1060184 P1060220 P1060225

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