Yishun, Singapore

December 22nd 2012, Singapore Zoo, Dempsey Hill

December 22, 2012


This was a visit to the Singapore Zoo.

All I remember is that is was HOT and that it was really HOT.


P1060819 P1060840P1060874P1060892 P1060899P1060912 P1060944P1060998

The day after, we went to Dempsey Hill to have  Christmas Dinner with Kaden’s work people. (I call them work people cause it makes me feel detached from them. YES I dont wanna be too close with them. LOL Notice I’m not that fond of “work people”?)P1070028 P1070034 P1070036 P1070038 P1070039 P1070041 P1070043 P1070047

The food was great and the conversations very casual and nice nice~

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