Yishun, Singapore

December 25th 2012, Chinatown Singapore, Yam Cha

December 25, 2012

This was the day we went to Chinatown.

Can you tell JOSH is like steaming HOT???!!!


Yeah he wasn’t very happy for the first bit.


We met up with Kaden’s co-worker Victor to eat at YAM CHA.

YUMMY DIM SUM~~~~~P1070462 P1070464 P1070466 P1070467 P1070468 P1070469 P1070470 P1070471 P1070472 P1070473 P1070474 P1070482 P1070483

Josh and Victor getting to know one another~ hahaha

This was the one and only time that Josh did not cry with Victor.

After this day, Josh would cry every single time when Victor showed up.P1070523

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