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DIY Thomas and Friends Costume | 토마스 기차 의상 만들기

April 24, 2017

This Friday, Josh has an event at his kindergarten called “Imaginary Day”.

Kids are supposed to imagine a character they want to be and become that character for one day. In order to be that character, parents were sent a message from the kindergarten to take some time to MAKE their costumes (if possible) or purchase a costume and have the kids wear it to the school.

Of course Josh chose Thomas and Kaden and I did some research.

We found and decided to start making our own version of this costume.

I am almost at my due date so I pretty much helped with the research only and Kaden did everything on his own. From going out to get the supplies and making the box, putting the little parts together, painting the boxes and to gluing everything together. Kaden did EVERYTHING.

I told him he should have chose Fine Arts as his major in university.

After putting everything together and letting it all dry up.

Kaden put a layer of clear tape on the box so that the paint wouldn’t get on Josh’s clothes.

Then with paper mache clay, he made the face.

Because of the face part, the whole thing is about 4kgs in weight. So we decided to have Josh wear the costume to and from school but have him take it off during playtime and while eating.

Josh took a late nap and woke up to a finished product. He w as so happy that he didn’t know what to do!


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