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February 6, 2017

I’ve been doing a lot of research during my spare time (other than just being on the blog and updating it) for clothes for Tyler (baby#3).

With Josh, I just bought everything online. At online shopping sites that other mothers suggested and ones that my friends had bought from. With Andrea, I was in Vancouver, so I bought everything at the Carter’s store in Langley.

With Tyler, I wanted to do some research and wanted to purchase products that I knew were easy to put on and take off, had good laundry materials (some bodysuits would go all weird when I washed them in the washing machine) and that were not highly priced.

While doing my research, and from past experience with Josh and Andrea, I found Carter’s products lasted long and were just very comfortable to use.

I literally searched and searched for a website that would send me Carter’s products without the long wait, no extra taxes and fees. Then while doing my research, I found this website. I know, the design isn’t as pretty as we would like it to be (it looks like a website from the 80’s I know) and the buttons do look out-dated. But they aren’t a site that ships from the states once the order comes in. They ACTUALLY SELL PRODUCTS THAT THEY HAVE IN STOCK. Really. Stuff that they have in stock, in Korea, not international shipping!!!!

The prices are not as high as other sites that sell Cater’s products (most sites like to make a margin out of selling internationally shipped products) but seem to have reasonably priced EVERYTHING.

So if you’re in Korea and you’re looking for a website with lots and lots of baby stuff. There is a place you can get your Cater’s products within 3-4 days after payment.

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