Food Notes River Valley, Singapore

Eat. Eat. Eat.

June 30, 2015


The other day I went to Fairprice Finest and they had some “golden pears” from South Africa.

I bought a box out of curiosity and wow were they SWEEEET!!!!

This was my breakfast the next day.


The hole in my bread was made by Andrea… T-T


The other day, Kaden said he wanted some DDUK BBOK KI.

So I made some and had it all by myself. LOL

(I made some for Kaden the next day)

This is Josh literally GETTING INTO THE TV.

He loves the show HI5.


This was Andrea’s first porridge.


완료기 이유식 이제 시작했는데.. 생각보다 엄청 잘먹음.

It’s basically just chicken soup porridge.


냉장고에 이렇게 해두면 왠지 그냥 더 뿌듯하다.


She finished the whole serving. LOL


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