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Eating while pregnant or breastfeeding

August 8, 2017

One of the things I craved while I was pregnant (the three times I was pregnant) was burgers and fries. However, living with my in laws during the last pregnancy, it wasn’t easy getting a burger down or even getting close to a burger. My in laws are Korean and they suggested I eat home made food and also made sure I got enough rice on my plate.

However, since I grew up in North America and since I always have a specifically preferred dish in my mind (I literally plan out what I want to eat for my next meal while eating) it was hard spending the two trimesters in Korea.

I would want pasta, but everyone would just ignore my need for pasta and just have rice and soup for dinner.

I would want steak for breakfast and everyone would just think I was having one of those crazy pregnancy cravings.

If I want a panini for brunch, everyone would suggest I just have a bowl of rice.

On days I didn’t want anything to eat and just want a bowl of soup, I would have to eat pork belly or fried rice.

See how my meals were just going in the opposite direction? That’s how it was during my whole pregnancy with Tyler. It was like everyone in our family was against me or something. I would crave sushi and would want something good to eat but it wouldn’t be “available” to me or Kaden would stop me from eating it to start with.

After having Tyler, I started breastfeeding so it was even harder for me to pick and choose my meals. I would just normally have rice and soup. Seaweed soup to be exact, since in Korea, if you give birth, you eat seaweed soup for a month!

The worst thing was that I couldn’t remember what foods were ok to eat and what was not. I think every time I get pregnant, I would look that up on the internet and would have to search for what foods to eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding. So this time, I made a list of sites and put them in my bookmark so that I wouldn’t forget.

Which Foods To Eat And Avoid During Pregnancy?

This is one of them.


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