Yishun, Singapore

February 24th 2013, Singapore

February 24, 2013


One of the things that I LIKED about Singapore was that everywhere you went there was a “Mothers Room”. Its a nursing+diaper change room. BUT it was so NICE!!!!!

P1070906 P1070908

So clean and so nice~ makes you feel so cozy and warm~


But Josh didn’t like it. He wanted to get outta there !!

P1070915 P1070922  P1070940 P1070942

We met up with Victor again.

You might of guessed it but the two of these men are like best buddies.

Office couple, BFF or whatever else you call them.P1070948 P1070950

Aw~ I remember this.

This was when Josh was practicing walking!P1070953 P1070955

He was only 8 months and he wanted to walk!P1070956

He started walking when he was 9 months tho. Pretty fast right?

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