Josh&Andrea&Tyler Seoul, South Korea

The first day of our December 2017

December 3, 2017

The first day of our December started with a lunch date with my parents. My mom’s birthday is in December and my dad’s in February so we met together on a day Kaden didn’t go to work and had lunch together.

We went to Gourmet Tree in Keum Ho Dong. It’s a nice little Western restaurant that serves salad, soups, sandwiches, pastas, and steaks.

After lunch, we went to a coffee shop beside it and had some coffee and cake.

The next day, we made Christmas cards with the kids.

Tyler has been sick for more than a month and now Josh and Andrea are sick too. So we went to the pediatric clinic near our place. Josh had a nose bleed but the Doc said it was due to a weak blood vessel in his nose, so he got it cleaned and they put some meds on the area so that it wouldn’t get infected.

Our little Andrea wasn’t too interested in making cards. She just drew on the card stock and put stickers everywhere.

Tyler was sent out cause he was drooling all over the paper. LOL

That’s how we started our December. Doing the norm.

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