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Fried Rice Balls

September 1, 2016


One of the things that my kids enjoy eating on days they don’t really want to eat are rice balls.


Very simple, very easy to make and very playful.

All you need to do is cook up a nice fry pan of fried rice. You can add whatever kind of veggies and meat to it.

Leave it to cool for about 5 – 10 minutes.

Add just a pinch of salt for flavouring and about half a teaspoon of sesame oil.

Depending on the size your child likes the ball to be, all you have to do is just have about a teaspoon of the fried rice, take it into your hand and squish it inside your hand, making a fist. The reason you don’t want to roll it in your hands to form a ball is cause the rice will just fall apart. It’s fried rice. It’s fluffy and so it’s not going to stick and form a ball. Once you have squished it a bit so that it’s a firm round shape, pat it around with your fingers to form a round shape. Make it into a ball without rolling it between your palms.

Place them on your child’s favourite plate!  And WA LA!!!!

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