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Gestational Diabetes Diet | 임신당뇨 식단

February 1, 2017

Ever since my gestational diabetes was confirmed, I’ve been trying to eat a healthy diet and keep track of my blood glucose tolerance levels.

Trying to eat on a schedule and making sure I’m not eating too much at a time, making sure I’m getting enough of everything and checking time to make sure I keep track of my tests is a hard job. However, I’ve gotten used to the schedule and looking at the clock that it’s become a part of my daily routine already.

The most difficult thing is trying to come up with a diet and menu plan that I won’t get sick of and coming up with a variety of dishes that won’t make my test levels go up.

According to my doctor, average levels of the blood test should be the following:

  • empty stomach test: 75 -95 (usually in the mornings)
  • 1 hour after meals: below 140
  • 2 hours after meals: below 120

If during the tolerance test, the results were too high, in Korea, they suggest going to a specialist for more tests to see if insulin is required or not.

In my case, it wasn’t. My doctor suggested I make sure I eat properly and exercise. In most cases eating a healthy diet and watching out for sweets, high levels of carbs and exercising will normalize the levels.

It’s also very important to eat a healthy snack in between meals. If your blood sugar level goes down too much, that could also be bad.

I usually have half of a fruit (grapefruit, apple, pear, a couple of strawberries) or a slice of whole wheat bread, with some soy milk or almond milk.

This usually keeps me going until dinner time and keeps my levels at the normal range.

For regular meals, if I’m home, I’ll have the usual Korean side dishes with brown rice.

In my rice, I also put some beans and oats in it to make it a bit more healthy. I try and only put about three tablespoons of white rice.

For at least one meal per day, I make sure I get some fish, red meat or tofu.

I also make sure, none of my salads have dressing, and also make sure that the side dishes are not salty but more on the bland side.

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