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Going backwards

August 15, 2016

I was listening to some music. Random music when… it was like I tracked my thoughts back and back and backwards to high school.

The thought of high school just makes me smile no matter what. All I have are happy memories and still to this day I cannot forget one name. 짝사랑이라고 하나? 짝사랑. 아직도 생각나는 나의 길고 길었던 짝사랑. Not my first love but a love I only kept to myself. 정말 아무도 몰랐던 그 아이를 향한 내마음. 향 했 던 이라고 써야 맞는거겠지 지금은. The first day I realized I liked him is when I heard this song.

98 Degrees. Because of you.


And now, every time I hear this song. I think of one person. As a sweet high school memory. A high school teenage love. LOL Makes me laugh just typing it but it does make me think of him.

I tried searching for him. Looking him up on Facebook but I couldn’t find anything. I asked around but no one seemed to know. It was weird but I know he’s the type of person who is probably doing his own thing somewhere, being the smart, happy, silly and witty person he was. I hope he still like that.


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