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Growing Pains

October 26, 2017

Not just growing pain, but PAINS with an S, because I have three.

This was last Saturday. Andrea’s daycare was participating in an event with the SUNG DONG GU’s private daycare association and so they were doing a little performance at 서울숲 (Seoul Forest?? I don’t know the English name for that place). Anyways, Andrea started getting car-sick on the ride there and when we got there, we didn’t have enough time to settle in, she had to go right on stage. So she started crying….

Cried through the whole song.

And just cried.

Then came down, crying obviously.

But after lunch and some chatting about what to do next (she wanted to play bubbles) she felt better and smiled.

Josh and Andrea wanted to play with the big bubbles but it didn’t really work well. The soap liquid smelled really bad (like chemicals) so I didn’t want them to touch it. Kaden stepped in and helped but the bubbles stick? that thing you make bubbles with, didn’t work.

So we decided to go home and play with magic sand. I guess Andrea was really tired from crying, she fell asleep like this and slept like this all the way home.

Josh was ok. I think he was pretty satisfied with the whole day and what he did (he got to go jump in the air jump jungle when Andrea was crying).

After last Saturday, Josh and Andrea both got sick. They were pretty sick for a few days. Josh is getting better and Andrea still has a cough but she’s doing ok.

Oh and then there’s little Tyler.

He’s sick right now. Stuffy nose, runny nose……… but still smiles!

He’s been having trouble breastfeeding cause of the stuffy nose. But putting sliced onions above his head when he sleeps has helped a lot. It’s making it better. We went to the doc today to get some of his runny nose sucked out. The doc said he’s getting better so I think he’ll be ok in a few days.

Josh had his first field trip yesterday. They all went on those big tour buses to KWANG JU in the GYEONG GI DO area. He said he had lots of fun. He brought back some sweet potatoes and a herb soap that he made.

We’re doing pretty good here in Seoul, It’s going to be a year next month since we came to Korea from Singapore. I really miss home (Vancouver) and want to go back before Josh goes to school… but… I don’t know. Everything just seems to be up in the clouds…

Since we’re all going through growing pains, I guess God will lead us and make his way clearer for us to see soon.

I hope everyone has a great day today! I’m getting my hair done tomorrow so I’ll keep you posted on that too!


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