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Happy 100 Days

August 16, 2017

In the Korean culture, we celebrate the 100th day of a child’s life. Why? Well, some say it’s to thank the child for living the full 100 days. Long ago when there wasn’t enough food and diseases that used to spread so fast, it was hard to keep a child alive for more than 100 days. So people would make a 100th day table full of goods and food for the GODs and thank them for keeping the child healthy.

Some say that it’s just to celebrate the child’s 100th day because 100 is a good solid number.

Other’s say it’s to give thanks and to wish for the child to live until he or she is 100.

It’s been around in the Asian culture for so long that not many know why exactly we do it but I just do it cause in Korea when the kids go to kindergarten, they sometimes ask for the 100th-day pictures.

Anyways, we as Christians celebrated and gave our thanks to God for Tyler’s health and thanks for everything he has given to us.

We didn’t have a big party but just grandparents and our family.

Andrea wasn’t feeling well so she cried most of the time, but it ended well and everything went a lot more smooth than it was expected.

Thank you for giving us and blessing us with this chld.

Thank you for such a wonderful family, and friends.

Thank you for the journey you have planned out for the five of us and thank you for your unconditional love.


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