Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore

How we play with all this haze

October 6, 2015

Singapores haze level has been pretty bad lately. The site for haze information would say that the psi level is in the unhealthy range or moderate but when I go outside.. The air smells pretty bad and feels ucky too. 
So lately we’ve been playing indoors at home. I’m kind of running out of ideas but the children seem to be enjoying it!   


We took some of the popped rice and just made a mess on the floor. I had to clean the floor before and after the event of course! 
  Andrea ate most of the time and Josh took out his trucks to play.

  Poured some on Andreas head too.

Andrea really hasnt been eating lately. She just eats a little tiny bit at a time and wants to drink water all day.
Josh on the other hand tho… Eats ALL DAY!!!

I guess she doesnt want to be a little piggy anymore~ 

This was pretty cute.

Josh was on the floor watching TV and Andrea came and did the pat on the shoulder thing. Lol    
Hopefully this Haze situation will get better soon. I’m getting sick of staying home myself!!!


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