Hubby is coming to Vancouver tomorrow!!!

April 12, 2015

Hubby is coming to Vancouver tomorrow.

I think we are all excited.

Here are some pictures of Josh and Andrea this past week.

Do all babies do this?

She seems to hold on like this every time I ergo her LOL


Josh was napping and this one was so awake~ It was like she wanted to play~


L-1470698 L-1470702 L-1470707 L-1470711 L-1470714 L-1470717 L-1470720 L-1470721 L-1470725 L-1470741

So we played on the bed for awhile then she fell asleep.

It was a hard week for Josh.

He had two nose bleeds in one day.

It wasn’t the usual “I picked my nose” kind. It was so random. He was just playing and all of the sudden. The second one was around midnight. He was sleeping and out of nowhere he started to bleed.


I felt so bad for him. Hopefully he’s ok. He hasn’t had another one since the second one at midnight.


Tomorrow is when daddy arrives so lets plan a fun full week before we all head to KOREA!!!

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