iPhone pictures from last week (April 2nd-5th 2015)

April 6, 2015

Wanted to see how long my hair was…. So I took the time to straighten it.

Hasn’t been this long since….. 2003? 2004?

Had another Vietnamese roll lunch with mom.

I am so pro at this now

Had a pre-nap snuggle time with Andrea.

This is the face she makes right after I nurse her. LOL So cute

Josh trying really hard to hold Andrea~


Josh and I went for a walk.

Then Andrea joined us~

Josh talking to the chickens… I told him to keep his distance and this is what he did.

I still thought that was too close.

Josh enjoying his Easter waffles.

The first part to Josh’s haircut. (We literally have to cut his hair in three days)

Day 2 of his haircut.

It looks ok here but we failed… seriously.. failed.

Andrea being Andrea.

Andrea being LOUD SCREAMING Andrea.

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