Seoul, South Korea

Jeju island, 제주도, November 12th 2013

November 12, 2013

We went to 제주도 during out visit to Korea.

We stayed at Haevichi  Resort.



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The resort had this cool kids room right beside the arcade…!

Which was so cool~

P1280101 P1280105

A cool slide that goes into the ball pool and a weird jungle gym thing kids can swing on or climb.P1280106

Can you tell Josh was happy? hahhaha LOL

P1280122 P1280251 P1280254 P1280255 P1280258 P1280286

Then for dinner we went to 쌍둥이횟집 which is a famous Sushi/Sashimi place.

For $120 you get a full set for 4-5 persons. (I personally think 7 people can eat this food cause you get unlimited Sushi – the ones with rice and a piece of Sashimi on top)

P1280304 P1280305 P1280306 P1280307 P1280308 P1280309 P1280313 P1280315 P1280316 P1280317 P1280321 P1280325 P1280326 P1280327 P1280329 P1280337 P1280349

You even get free dessert. CRAZY!!!

That night, Kaden and I wanted to try the massage chairs that were in the lobby. However we couldn’t cause a couple was using them for more then they should of been. The max time is 40 minutes… They were in there for over an hour.P1280359

So we ended up just going back to our room and watching TV, then going to bed.


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