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JellyCat Bunnies

March 5, 2018

$29 dollars for a bunny isn’t the ideal amount for a doll. For me, its a bit too much.

When I had Josh, my friend had sent us the smallest sized JellyCat bunny for Josh. Josh’s little bunny is 7 years old. Just like Josh is.

When we had Andrea, another friend of mine gave us a white bunny for Andrea.

Then other friends gave us other bunnies as gifts for the kids. So when we had Tyler. A bunny was a must.

These dolls aren’t just dolls to these kids. Now, it’s like they are life buddies. Friends. Andrea says sometimes her bunny is like a fairy.

Now that Tyler has a mini sized one and a regular one, we have a total of 6 in our house now.

I call them soothing bunnies and sometimes sleeping buddies. Now, it’s like they’re just a part of our family like everyone else.


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