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Josh’s first day

January 5, 2016

Josh now goes to kindergarten.

Yesterday was his first day.

Today was his second.

It was a hard morning… Yesterday.

He didnt want to put the uniform on, he had a fever so he was on meds, he was sleepy, cranky and didnt want to go.

He cried sooo much. So we let the house early and went to 7/11 for some cookies and candy.

(Yes I am a bad mother, but I had to convince him to go.. Somehow..!!)

When we arrived at the church. He seemed ok.

But then he saw me leaving and thats when the crying stared.  

I dont know if it was him in class or if it me was me in class.

We were both in class for the whole two hours and he basically cried during the full two hours.

정말 너무나도 많이 울어서 걱정이였다.

엄마랑 처음으로 떨어져서 사회에 나가는 너.

너무 울고 너무 적응 못해서 진심 옮길까 하는 생각까지 했다. 첫날에. 정말 내가 봐도 근데 분위기 너무 어수선하고 정신없고. 선생님 두분이서 18명의 아이들이랑 3시간동안 뭘 어떻게 질서있게 하고 그러는지 정말 걱정이 앞서기 시작했다.

그러나 마지막에 저 여자 아이가 내 마음을 비워줌. 저 여자 아이 덕분에 죠숴가 10분정도 놀았고. 안울었다. 그래. 하나님의 교회이고. 이곳에서는 말씀 위주로 아이들을 가르치고. 기도로 시작해서 기도로 끝나는데. 뭐가 문제냐. 하나님한테 맡기고 마음을 비우자고 생각했다.


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