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Josh’s love for his DADDY

April 15, 2015

Its amazing how, when kids grow…. Their love grows too.

This was Andrea the other day when she was super duper crazy grumpy and cranky.

She fell asleep like this… looks like she’s BF-ing but she’s not. Just holding on to my shirt.


Her teeth haven’t shown up yet but I can feel a slight bump.


On the day Kaden arrived we all went to the airport.

Josh napped on the way to the airport and wasn’t so happy when I took this picture.


But soon after he was super happy. He didn’t say it but we all knew that he missed his dad and that he was really happy to see him.

Andrea cried during the ride back home. Only for the last ten minutes or so. She was a champ in the car seat but I guess she got really tired and sleepy on the way back. She cried for about ten minutes then fell asleep. You can still see the tear on her face in this picture.


This is where we knew Josh REALLY missed his dad and that he was really happy to see him. He wanted to hold dad’s hand the whole ride home.


Its amazing how kids grow up. They grow so fast and when they do physically they do mentally and spiritually. Josh never reacted like this before when his dad came for vacation. But this time Josh was a bit different. He wanted to do everything with dad. 엄마는 완전 찬밥이였음 ㅡㅡ;; 솔직히 조금 서운했지만, 서운한 기분보다 조금은 홀가분한 기분이 더 많았음. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 둘다 나를 찾는게 아니라서!!! 모든지 아빠랑 하고싶은 죠쉬가 그저 이쁘고 고마웠음!!!!

Then our first outing together as a family of four!!!

Although it was only to Metrotown. It was fun and well worth it!



Andrea is still adjusting and getting used to daddy. She still cries sometimes though.

Josh is just always being Josh. Goofing around and wanting dad’s attention.




Josh wanted to see the fountain but then got scared. Kaden thought that was funny.

Josh seems to be scared of a lot of things right now… don’t quite understand it but hopefully its just a thing that will pass.

Andrea didn’t really like the stroller on this day. So I had to Ergo her. ㅜㅜ 정말 허리가 미친듯이 아팠지만.. 그래도 뭐 어쩔수 없죵


And then the Josh-monger in Andrea’s walker.


I think all older kids go through this phase.. right?

다행히 금방 나오겠다고했음 ㅋㅋㅋ

Josh says he wants dad to only be HIS daddy and not be Josh and Andrea’s daddy.

I don’t know how we are going to go through the “saying goodbye to daddy” thing when Kaden has to go back to Singapore.

이젠 조금 컷다고 아빠랑 노는걸 좋아하고. 아빠가 같이 했으면 좋겠다고 하고. 지금까지 아빠를 만난 그 많은 날들의 재회 속에서도 이번이 유독 더 아빠에 대한 집착이 심하다. 어쩌면 우리 아들이 이제 더 크고 뭔가를 더 잘 아는 그런 나이가 되서 그런지.. 아빠에 대한 그 사랑이 점점 더 커졌다는걸 느낄수가 있다.

And also because daddy bought you Diesel 10 from Thomas and Friends which was all sold out in Canada but not in Singapore.


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