Josh&Andrea&Tyler Seoul, South Korea

Josh’s Ride Home

April 6, 2017

We have a little store right in front of our in-laws’ place. It’s small but it has literally EVERYTHING. I love this little store and the owners. They are so nice and so KOREAN. by KOREAN I mean, they are sweet, they have so much love for the people in this neighborhood and they are old style KOREAN. You don’t see many people like that in Korea anymore. A long time ago, Koreans used to give things to each other, they would share everything and anything they had, they would care for each other and make sure everyone was okay. It was like everyone was family. Now, Korea has changed. Our kids can’t just go out and play. Everything needs protection and the neighbor that you thought was your neighbor could turn out to be some psycho. Anyways, I wanted to take a picture of this little store and keep it in my records. Just because I know that someday, one day, it might not be here in this way. It might not disappear but it might not look like this.

The road to picking up Josh. The reason I took my camera out on this day was because I had taken an online class that morning on photography and cameras. I literally wanted to attend a class at a physical location, but that just seemed to be too risky (meaning I could give birth in a classroom). So I took one online and it was so worth it. I learned how to change settings according to the environment and lighting. I also learned to actually use the different camera settings. I usually just shoot in P mode and put everything else on auto. But yesterday, I considered the condition of the weather and lighting. Changed everything accordingly, just like I learned and went to pick up Josh with my mother-in-law.

The kindergarten bus. All kindergarten and preschool buses (or most of them) in Korea are yellow. Josh’s bus is also yellow. When the kids arrive at the bus stop, the bus does a U-turn and stops on the right side of the road. All the kids wave and shake their hands to the mothers and grandmothers that are waiting for them. This is just so cute. Although we see each other every day, it’s almost like the kids know, when you’ve arrived. HOME.

Josh loves to hold his own umbrella. He also loves the little snacks that my mother-in-law brings him for his walk home.

He had no idea I was there taking pictures but when he found me, he gave me the biggest smile.

Posing, talking and eating his cookie on his way home.

Such a happy soul. We are so thankful for such a bright child. We are so very thankful that God sent JOSH to us. We are thankful and grateful that Josh enjoys going to kindergarten and loves this short walk home with grandma.

It’s literally a 5-minute walk for an adult but for Josh, it takes about 25 minutes. Reason: he literally has to look at everything on the way home. Ants, plants, flowers, people and even his own shoes.

Oh and we can’t forget about the puddles that are there too!!!

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