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February 13, 2017

Kaden and I took a walk yesterday during the kid’s nap time and we were a bit hungry (just a little) and so we stopped by Keum Ho Dong’s famous dumpling place “귀일만두”.

Just a short walk from Keum Ho Station line #3 (the orange line), Gui Il mandu is famous for their steamed meat dumplings.

8 dumplings for 4 bucks. Not bad eh?

These steel pots are stacked up high with dumplings in them and are cooked by steam that is added to the tall steel towers.

You can eat in, or do take out.

There are about only 5 chairs so if you wanna eat in, you gotta grab a seat FAST.

These dumplings are well known in this neighborhood as street food. Most people just get the dumplings to go. However, we decided to try eating it there while the dumplings were hot.

They also sell Kimchi Dumplings, JJIN BBANG (which has sweet red bean paste in it), and cold Korean noodles AKA Nang Meun 냉면.

We couldn’t go without one so we ordered one to share. They have two kinds, the spicy sauce one and the Mool Nang Meun which is the nonspicy cold noodles. However, if you want, you can get the mixed version which is half and half.

After a good street snack, Kaden and I headed to THEO COFFEE for a nice relaxing quiet time of our own

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