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KINGKONG STEAK | SHINSA DONG | 킹콩스테이크 | 가로수길맛집 | 신사동맛집

July 28, 2017

Kaden and I had the chance to go to GAROSU GIL the other day and went to KINGKONG STEAK for a late lunch.


If you know where KWANG LIM CHURCH in Apgujeong Station is, it’s close to the church. From APGUJEONG Station (Line#3) use exit number 4 or 5 and head towards the church. Once you get to the main entrance of the church keep walking towards GAROSU GIL, you’ll find KINGKONG Steak on your left hand side.

When we arrived, there were lots of cars lined up in front of the restaurant.

This is what the outside looks like.

Once you walk in, there are booths and chairs throughout the whole restaurant.

The interior is very vintage like and warm.

Vintage little elements are also seen throughout the whole restaurant.

Even the menu is kind of vintage-like.

We ordered a Seafood Cream Pasta, Lychee Ade, and Ribeye Steak.

The bread that comes out before the main dishes was so nice and warm.

The pasta was creamy and not too thick or watery. It was made perfect.

There was also lots of seafood in it too.

The Lychee Ade was full of lychee and very strong and bold.

The steak was cooked with perfection and nicely presented.

The sides that came with the steak were also very good. Everything was made with such precise detail that I knew the cooks were pretty on the ball with their stuff back in the kitchen.

Medium – cooked to perfection.

The steak was really juicy and was full of flavor.

KINGKONG STEAK has been around for 9 years. It has become famous for high quality food with less expensive pricing. To me, it felt like it was reasonably priced and the food, high quality with fresh ingredients.

If you’re ever in the APGUJEONG area and want some steak, check out KING KONG!!!!


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