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Korea here we come!! (Or is it here we go??)

April 20, 2015

Hubby arrived and starting the next day we had meet ups and dates planned.

Then we cancelled and only made plans with Josh’s friends

We had dinner at White spot then went to Guildford mall for some running around time


Oh how they love running and jumping!!

Then theres this picture my best friend Kay sent me. LOL Josh and a princess wand~

On Saturday, Kaden and I went dowtown to do some shopping.

We went to the Flying Pig for brunch then went around and did the usual “get this Kaden!!” kind of shopping.   

Kaden doesnt buy stuff or clothes unless I tell him to buy it.. Weirdo

Yesterday we went to Clayton Elementary with Josh.  

The two of them had so much fun!!


And now….

A week has gone by already and we are on our way to the airport. Korea here we come!!!


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