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Korean “설” | Korean New Years | 구정

January 29, 2017

Korean New Years is like Chinese New Years. Well basically it’s the same thing but Korean’s like to call it Korean New Years. It’s known as 설 (Sul) or as 구정 (Gu Jung). We bow to our elders and to those who have passed away, remembering them, asking them to protect us and to have grace upon us.

It’s not a religion but more like a tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

On the day before Sul, we prepare traditional meals and make 만두 (dumplings) for the 떡국 (dduk gook) that we eat on New years day.

The day before New years, Josh and Andrea also helped out making the dumplings with their grandparents.

I was surprised how well they made them. Josh was so precise and so detail oriented!

After we finished making the dumplings we put the in the freezer right away so that we could put them into the dduk gook the next day.

On the morning of New Years, we got ready for the meal that was to be put on the table for our elders who had passed away.

It’s a table for their spirits to come and eat.

Each household does the table settings differently. Each household has their own tradition and ways of placing the dishes.

We did our table really simple this year. We didn’t do anything special, just the usual side dishes and fruits.

When everyone arrived, we all bowed two times in respect and then had our meals.

It’s great when family members come together for the holidays and spend some quality time.

It was also great for Josh and Andrea to meet their 고모 and play.

Although we couldn’t get ONE SINGLE picture with everyone in it, it was fun and it was great to mingle with the in-laws.


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