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February 14, 2017

So in Korea, there are probably thousands of Korean BBQ places. Out of all of the places that exist, I like to go to places that are well known to the locals and not the big, huge franchised locations.

The one we went to the other day was near our in-law’s place. Family run and decently priced, MA PO SOOT BUL GAL BI is a place well known to the locals in Keum Ho Dong.

서울특별시 성동구 무수막길 89
서울특별시 성동구 금호동2가 464

전화번호 02-2234-3043

Priced at 13,000 won per serving it’s not the typical super sweet gal bi. It’s marinated with natural ingredients and is served to have that balance of flavors.

We ordered 4 servings then added 2 more servings later on.

Some gal bi places marinate their meat with lots of sweetness. This makes the “eaters” get really tired of the flavor of the meat. Therefore, you can’t eat a whole lot of meat. It makes you drink more water or alcohol than eating the actual meal. You get sick of the gal bi pretty fast. However, here, at Ma Po Gal Bi, everything is nicely balanced and is just enough for even the kids to enjoy.

Each table has its own charcoal burner.

There are about 16 tables for seating and the seating is the kind where you sit on the floor.

This is one of my favorite side dishes. It’s sliced onions in a soy sauce based sauce. You eat this with the gal bi.

Lettuce and spicy peppers.


This is 4 servings.

Then other side dishes also came out.

You kind of can just eat the side dishes with a bowl of rice and get full before the gal bi is even cooked, so you have to plan out your eating LOL.

The fire is placed on the charcoal and the meat goes on the grill!!!!!

Ah~ the smell of GAL BI!

If you look closely, the grill itself is really thin and is kind of like guitar strings. This makes it so that the Gal Bi doesn’t burn fast and helps it cook evenly.

I think the kids ate more than I did.

  • Since I have gestational diabetes, I have to watch what I eat and exercise. So eating out like this often, made me worry about my blood glucose levels but this came to a surprise. My maximum limit is 140 for 1 hour after meals. I ate Gal Bi until I was full with the vegetable based side dishes and 2 spoons of white rice. I walked home and when I came home to check my 1 hour blood glucose level, it was at 93. WOW. I guess Korean BBQ will be on the top of my list for eating out for now.

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