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[KR] 금호동 고깃집 | 돼지미학 | 금호동 맛집 돼지味學 | Keum Ho Dong | Korean BBQ

January 3, 2017

So about a week ago, Kaden and I went to this new place right near my in-laws place called DAE GI MI HAK.

It’s a Korean BBQ place that only sells pork meat. They do the dry aging process to the meat and the price for a two person dinner set was 28000 WON.

Pretty nice for two people. 28 bucks for a dinner meal? Hey, I’m up for that!

So when we went in it was on a Friday night so we had to wait a bit. There are only about 10 tables and they were all full.

Now, the cool thing about this place was that the burner and the table itself was like an induction system by itself.

They just placed the ceramic plate or dish that you cook the meat on, right on the table and that became the burner.

The side dishes that came with the meal were pretty simple. Chives, sesame leaves, dipping sauce, salt and lettuce.

Then came this GGUL JJIM dish as part of the side dishes in our set menu. It was like a combination of tofu, meat and bean sprouts mixed in a spicy chilli paste sauce. It wasn’t sweet but spicy and very Korean.

Then came the pork. So in the 2 person set menu, you get front leg meat, neck meat and belly.

They also give you a pineapple and a couple of mushrooms to grill.

The owner was very kind and placed the meat on the grill for us. He cut everything into small pieces for us and then told us to eat it when it looked about 80% cooked. I had no idea when it was 80% cooked through so I just asked.

The kitchen is an open kitchen so you can see everything that goes on inside. Everything is made when ordered and nothing comes out pre-cooked or heated up.

They also have a lunch menu that is only 10 dollars (9900 won) that has meat, rice, bean soup and two or three side dishes. But I think for our next visit, we’re going to go with the neck meat (MOK SAL) set menu. That was the best tasting meat out of the three that I tried.


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