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[KR] CHICAGO PIZZA | Deep dish pizza |시카고피자|피자맛집|이태원시카고피자

January 9, 2017

Yesterday, Kaden and I went to ITAEWON to have the famous “Original Chicago Pizza” A.K.A. Deep Dish Pizza.

Open 12:00 / Closed 23:00 / Last Order 22:00

서울특별시 용산구 이태원로27가길 37, 4층,5층,6층 TEL. 02-794-8120

The interior design of the 5th floor was… interesting.

Each table had a log on the table to place the pizza dish, once it was served.

Every table was separated by fence-like walls that were built up.

The menu was a bit worn out. I guess the “vintage” design and worn out paper was their concept(?) maybe.

Each log had their logo on it.

And every table had this fence wire wall along the sides.

We ordered a lemonade, chopped salad and the original tomato Chicago pizza.

The salad was ok. Nothing really special but the dressing was very good. It went really well with the pizza. It was an asian inspired vinegar dressing.

Then the pizza came. This pizza. Oh my.

The crust was not like any other pizza I’ve ever had. It was like a freshly baked bread from a bakery.

The cheese was so good and rich. The sauce was not too tangy but just enough to go with the cheese and crust.  I wish I could explain the crust better. It’s not like a regular pizza crust. Not spongy or stretchy at all. It’s more like the texture of a soft loaf of bread. Very soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Although the salad was just ok, the pizza totally made up for it. However, due to the amount of cheese, I was only able to have two slices of the 8 inch pizza. Kaden had three and then we shared the last slice but if it were two guys who went, the 8 inch pizza and a side would totally fill them up.


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