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[KR] DEAR TABLE | 디어테이블 | JANG AN PYEONG Station Brunch Cafe

July 18, 2017

Today I got the chance to go to a REALLY SUPER NICE Brunch Cafe in JANG AN DONG.

From JANG AN PYEONG Station (Purple Line #5), use exit #3. Walk straight towards the road and you’ll see a bus tation.

From this station take bus number 2233 and get off 4 stops later in front of KYUNG NAM HOTEL.

Once you get off the bus, you’ll see CAFE BENE on your left. Walk towards Cafe Bene and make a right, towards Cafe Bene.

Walk straight to the end of the road and make a left. You’ll see this.

Walk about 50 steps and DEAR TABLE will be on your left.

TA DA~ The exterior is like any ordinary cafe & brunch restaurant. Very westernized. Just looking at this, made me miss home.

Felt like a restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

The entrance is in the middle and there are two balconies on each side. The doors are folding doors that I think are kept open during days that are cool.

That’s my mom walking in. She was so excited to eat here!

When you walk into the restaurant, it’s like another world. Everything is so pretty and nicely laid out.

Take a picture of ANYTHING and it’ll make the picture look good. That’s how pretty it was.

There are different types of tables and chairs. The interior design is a mix of modern and country.

Even the little cars on top of the beverage menu are cute!!!

There is also a list of where the origin of the ingredients are from.

One one side, there are dried flowers hanging upside down and a projector showing different images and videos.

Vintage images and signboards are also on one side of the wall.

Looks like my mom is going to fall into the menu.

Shall we take a look?

Here is just a glimpse of DEAR TABLE’s MENU.

Looks delicious right?!

We ordered a Dear Table Brunch, Very Very Merry Pancake, a Cappuccino and an English Breakfast Tea.

Once you order, the server brings you plates, utensils, and water.

While waiting, I took a picture of the kitchen.

It’s pretty small but it’s an open kitchen so you can pretty much see EVERYTHING they do and cook.

The cappuccino.

The English Breakfast Tea.

Dear Table Brunch.

Very Very Merry Pancake.

Doesn’t this look amazing? It tastes amazing too!

Everything from hummus and jam is made in house. It’s a cafe with a concept of “NATURALISM” so they try and make everything from scratch and use fresh ingredients.

During the night, they also have alcoholic beverages too so you can enjoy a beer with your meal.

They also have sandwiches, pasta, and salads on their menu so you can enjoy a variety of menus throughout the day.

For reservations please call 070-4224-0021


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