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[KR] Gourmet Tree | 고메트리 | 금호동 맛집 | 금호동 고메트리

December 19, 2016

kGourmet Tree is located in KEUM HO DONG (금호동4가) and is a French Restaurant.

서울시 성동구 금호동4가 235

서울숲푸르지오2차 아파트 상가 123호

We were lucky to have the chance to eat at this SUPER FINE restaurant. The staff were very friendly and the CHEF… Oh my… The CHEF. I think I almost fell in love with the food.

We ordered the course meal with two additional pasta dishes. The course meal is about 70,000 WON per person (comes with appetizer, salad, seafood, meat and dessert) and the pasta dishes were about 30,000 won per dish.

Starting with the bread, there were 5 pieces of bread served for 2 people each.

The cheese spread was made with blue cheese and something else (I honestly cannot remember because I was too busy eating).

The appetizer.

I have no idea what this was because I was busy with Andrea but I do know that it tasted like raw meat and terrine kind of mixed together. I didn’t get to taste it but Kaden said it was very good.

The salad.

I think this was the best salad I have ever, ever had. The dressing was a balsamic plus citrus like flavor. The ingredients of the salad was balanced so nicely that every mouthful was just splashing with different tastes.

The Seafood.

Ok, so the BALANCE thing was hitting a perfect pitch and then this came to me. I personally am not a big fan of seafood. I don’t go to restaurants and order seafood just for the oceanic-flavors. However, this totally opened my eyes to seafood. The cream sauce was not too bland and not too salty, just right. Just enough so that when you ate the seafood with the sauce, the sauce didn’t overwhelm the seafood flavors. The seafood itself was cook just right so that they weren’t hard to chew or undercooked. All the flavors made a great unison performance in my mouth.

The Pasta.

We ordered two pasta dishes Tajarin Cream Pasta (above photo) and Lobster Bisque Pasta (photo below).

The cream pasta was my favorite between the two. They were both great but I preferred the cream more than the bisque. The cream had more of a subtle flavor where the bisque was very bold and strong.

The Meat.

The tenderloin was well done (since I am preggo) the potato was seasoned nicely and the cream sauce was very rich and bold.

Lastly, the Dessert.

The brownie was very sweet and the sorbet was a bit sour. I didn’t try the cake but our friends who tried it said it wasn’t sweet at all.

Overall the flavors weren’t too strong so it was a very pleasing meal. Nothing was too much or too less. Everything was just right.

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