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[KR] PIZ BURGER | ITAEWON | 피츠버거 | 이태원 수제버거 | 이태원맛집 | 햄버거 맛집

July 21, 2017

Today I had the chance to go to a really nice burger joint in ITAEWON (Line#6). PIZ BURGER is a burger restaurant that sells handmade burgers.

If you get off at ITAEWON Station, use EXIT # 2 and walk towards Cafe Bene.

Keep walking until you pass HANA Bank, keep walking until you see MINISTOP convenience store, its right next to it.

When you get there, you’ll also see this sign

And some tables and chairs.

Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll see about 9 tables with two person seating.

The interior is like a North American Burger Diner.

PIZ BURGER is also a delivery restaurant. You can use the food delivery app FOOD FLY (only applicable if it’s in your delivery area).

Anyways, going back to the restaurant, the kitchen is an open kitchen so you can see the chefs cook and make your food.

They bring in fresh ingredients from the GA RAK Market every day and your burgers are made to order. So it takes about 5 – 10 minutes for the food to come out.

Drinks are “self serve” from the drink fountain.

The kitchen is right behind the cashier/ordering area.

There are about 4 wooden tables like these and then there are tables along the right side wall with a booth seat.

This is the menu.

You can select the bread bun of your choice and if you want to know what each burger looks like, you can flip through this spring binded book to see all the burgers that they serve.

Julia and I chose the Shrek Burger and the Chili Burger.

These are the ice cups that they give you after you order for your drinks.

They also provide a fork and knife for each person.

After about 7 minutes the Chili Burger arrived.

Doesn’t this look amazing??!!!

The Chili Burger is a bit on the spicy side. The spiciness doesn’t last for a long time but it is quite spicy, so if you’re weak to spice, I suggest you choose a different burger.

This is the Shrek Burger.

I found this my favorite. It has an onion ring inside the burger, with mashed avocado. The cheese, the bacon, the onion ring and the mashed avocado creates such a nice balance between all the flavors that it makes you want to keep eating more and more. It’s like you can’t stop. A little bit of sweetness and a little bit of saltiness, just makes you keep on going.

Each set menu (notice I said “set” and not “combo” hahahah LOL), comes with fries and a drink. You can also choose to have your fries as CHEESE FRIES or PLAIN.

We chose one to be with CHEESE and one just PLAIN.

Each set also comes with a bit of coleslaw. I think this is also made in house. It had a slightly bland taste to the sauce but it was bland in a very very good way. It made your taste palette get refreshed for the next bite of the burger.

The SHREK BURGER cut in half.

The CHILI BURGER cut in half.

If you’re ever in the ITAEWON area and craving a good, solid burger. I suggest you check out PIZ BURGER!!!


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