LG Puri Care Air Purifier

January 29, 2017

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning the house and wanted to clean the air purifier that our in-laws were using. I noticed that it was a bit dirty on the outside so I decided to take it apart, clean it and change the filters. I found out that we didn’t have any filters left for it and that the machine itself, AKA, the inside area where the air passes to come out was so dirty that there had been mold build up on the machine itself. I called the AS center and they said that the machine itself wasn’t made for cleaning on the inside (the area that I was describing to them) and that it would just be safer for us to get a new air purifier.

We used SHARP’s air purifier for over 7 years and I think it was time to go.

Kaden said that LG’s PuriCare had good ratings and that we could get a good deal on it if we bought it through Kaden’s work/affiliates site.

So we looked through the ratings, carefully read through the feedback that people wrote and decided to the LG PuriCare.

It arrived in the box 2 days later. It’s amazing how fast the Korean delivery system is.

We opened it and it was really easy to set up. All we had to do is take it out of the box, unwrap the plastic and tape around it and just click on the filters.

Plug it in, and it was ready to go!

It’s amazing how quiet it is, usually, we can’t hear anything but when the air is really bad, it starts to go and it really goes.

When my mother in law cooks or the air seems to be a bit bad (like yesterday) it starts to go and it sounds like an airplane is going to take off. Okay not that loud, but when it starts to go, the fan sounds like it’s a bit loud.

However, ever since we got this, Josh has stopped his dry coughs and Kaden says the house does feel a bit more “purified”.


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