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A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

August 18, 2016


정말 진짜. 말 그대로인다. Exactly like the book title. It’s a Mom’s guide to home organization. 정말 누구나 다 아는 요점들일수도 있다. 그러나 그렇다고해서 식상하게 다 아는 이야기를 해주는 책은 아니다. 정말 필요했던. “맞아. 그렇게 하는게 맞는건데.. 아! 저렇게 해야 되는거지!” 라고 외치게끔 아주 간단하고 질서 있게 정리를 해준 책이다.

I wasn’t planning on reading this book until we moved into our own place. Our place that we didn’t rent but OWNED. OUR PLACE. I wanted to read this then and make sure that I had all the points down to keep that house, our home, clean and organized. But when Andrea took this book out of the shelf and handed it me, it was as if God was telling me to read this and start acting on it.

I finished the first 30 pages in one reading and thought I should start doing what the author was doing right away. I started with writing things down (I normally do this cause I forget so many things, all the time) and then started organizing my time with the kids time. It was really helpful for the first week. Then I lost track because I was lazy and then it just all fell apart. Then I realized how much kayos my brain was going through and set simple goals (only 3 per week) and tried to stick with the plan as much as I could. OMG it helped so much. I’m not associated with the author of this book or anything to do with it. I just really think this is a good book for moms. It’s the most simple, down to basics and organized book. It reminds you of the things you already know or already doing. It takes everything that’s probably cluttered inside your head and just lays it all out on the table for you. In an organized way so that you don’t miss any points.

아 정말 이걸 읽으면서 나는 정말 그동안 머리로 생각만하고 제대로 뭘 한게 하나도 없구나.. 싶은게. 정말 깊은 반성을 했다. 내일부터는 다시 또 back on track 해야지 하면서 엄마로써 아이들에게 최선을 다하면서도, 내 자신을 챙기고 사랑하는 엄마가 돼야 한다는걸 다시한번 다짐해본다.

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