Josh&Andrea&Tyler River Valley, Singapore


January 18, 2016

Our Monday was pretty normal until Josh came down with a fever.

We went to RiYoung’s house and dropped off some stuff. Played, took some pictures and was going to have something to eat when Josh said he wasn’t feeling well and that he wanted to go home.



Aw~ these two cutties looking out the window~ so cute!!!

And this cutie pie really knows how to smile for the camera!!





Andrea and “food”. She always has some form of (or anything that is edible) in her hands.


Although Josh didn’t make it to kindergarten, it was still a normal, day until bedtime. Josh’s fever went up to 39.2 (again) and he couldn’t sleep. So I gave him some Ibuprofen(that we got from KKH when we went to the ER two weeks ago) and sponged him so that the fever would go down. I think I slept maybe… 3 hours in total? UH. Rough night. Long night to be exact. Hopefully he’ll be ok to go back to school by Wednesday.


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