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July 19, 2016

예쁘고 착한 나의 꼬맹이들. 그런 요 베이비들이 아프다.


They both seemed fine yesterday. Josh didn’t want to eat dinner much cause he felt like his stomach hurt. But Andrea had a pretty good solid meal. She had her rice, her veggies and some KFC. Maybe it was just too much?


Both of them couldn’t sleep well and had trouble falling asleep. The had to roll around and move around for quit some time before they fell asleep. Then Andrea started to move around and started making weird noises. It was almost like she was swallowing air, like how little babies do when they needed to burp but couldn’t. And then it happened at around 4am.

She threw up and it was pretty bad. For that long time, the rice and the little tiny M&Ms she had were still in her stomach and just all came out. I guess it made her feel better, I washed her up and changed her clothes, then gave her some liquid medicine to calm her stomach down and then she fell right back to sleep.


But after about 30 minutes, Josh woke up and threw up too. 


I basically didn’t sleep at all but the two of them seemed to be feeling better when they got up in the morning.


They didn’t eat much and had some boiled wheat tea water (AKA 보리차), apparently in the Korean methods, wheat tea is good for an upset stomach.

After some porridge (more like two spoons of porridge) they both fell asleep.



Why is it that sick kids look more sick when they sleep? 정말 너무 안쓰러웠음.

I cleaned up the living room and cleaned the floors with babyganics then saw this.


Josh had taken the stuff he liked and placed them in the corner. Aw~ feels like my boy is growing up so fast.

Hope the kids get better by this Friday, since we have a sort trip planned for the weekend (fingers crossed).

Praying for a full recovery soon!

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