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New Swimming Pool

August 17, 2016

Our sea horse pool was ruined the other day because of a couple of lizards… They poked holes into our pool with their claws and I had no idea. Until this morning. So while Josh was at kindergarten, Andrea and I went to Toys R Us and bout this pool for $13 SGD.



Josh said he likes this one better than the other one. I guess the roof on the other one was uncomfortable for him.




Andrea said she liked this one too but I think she only said it because Josh said it. She’s been copying him a lot lately.



The two monsters had a good time playing in the water (Andrea didn’t pooh in it this time) and then they had a nice bath. They both had a snack and I tried to keep them up so that I can put the both of then to sleep early but Josh fell asleep in the living room floor at around 4pm.


It was a really sunny day for the laundry to dry up quickly!!! But now it looks like it’s going to rain…

Uh!!! Why does it always rain right after I put the laundry out!!!


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